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BMDB Protein ID BMDBP03183
Secondary Accession Numbers
  • BMDBP02874
Name Dihydropyrimidinase-related protein 2
Synonyms Not Available
Gene Name DPYSL2
Protein Type Enzyme
Biological Properties
General Function Not Available
Specific Function Plays a role in neuronal development and polarity, as well as in axon growth and guidance, neuronal growth cone collapse and cell migration. Necessary for signaling by class 3 semaphorins and subsequent remodeling of the cytoskeleton. May play a role in endocytosis (By similarity).
Pathways Not Available
Dihydrouracil + Water → Ureidopropionic acid details
Dihydrothymine + Water → Ureidoisobutyric acid details
GO Classification Not Available
Cellular Location Not Available
Gene Properties
Chromosome Location 8
Locus Not Available
Gene Sequence Not Available
Protein Properties
Number of Residues 572
Molecular Weight 62278.0
Theoretical pI Not Available
Pfam Domain Function Not Available
  • None
Transmembrane Regions Not Available
Protein Sequence Not Available
GenBank ID Protein AAB80618.1
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot ID O02675
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Entry Name DPYL2_BOVIN
PDB IDs Not Available
GenBank Gene ID U83278
GeneCard ID DPYSL2
GenAtlas ID Not Available
HGNC ID Not Available
General References Not Available